Forestry Mulching vs. Traditional Land Clearing Methods

Single-step technique forestry mulching requiring one piece of device
 Seldom requires permitting
 Preserves and builds topsoil layer
 Low floor strain preserves soil structure
 Creates natural erosion control
 Workable in moist and/or snowy weather
 No burning, chipping, and/or hauling
 No windrows and/or brush piles
 Recycles biomass and continues or increases soil fertility
 Extremely selective
 Visually appealing
 Sustainable
 Less steeply-priced
 Check out the video here!
Traditional Land Clearing Methods
 Multi-step system requiring excavators, bulldozers, and haul away vehicles
 Requires permitting and site plan
 Damages and dislocates topsoil layer
 High ground stress consequences in soil compaction
 Requires additional erosion manage (silt fencing and catch basins)
 Highly climate structured
 Often necessitates burning, chipping, and/or hauling
 Leaves windrows and/or brush piles
 Discards biomass and reduces soil fertility
 Damages nearby bushes and plants
 Unsightly scarred appearance
 Unsustainable
 More expensive

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